Saluta Glutathione Whitening

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Saluta Glutathione Whitening 600 mg

Saluta Glutathione Whitening Reduced Glutathione Powder for Injection contains 600 mg of sterile and PRODUCT DESCRIPTION exipient-free Glutathione in reduced form as white lyophilized powder in glass vial. Each vial contains glutathione sodium 646 mg equivalent to glutathione 600 mg. The active product ingredient glutathione is imported from Kyowa Hakko-Japan. Saluta is Vacuum-packed and sealed for your protection.

100% Reduced Glutathione
100% Pyrogen Free
100% Pure and Potent Antioxidant Power


IMPORTANT REMINDER: Always put in mind that for your safety, Glutathione Injectables or Glutathione for injection should be administered by a doctor or a registered nurse if through Intravenous. For antioxidant, health and skin care purposes, the recommended dose is once a week. For skin whitening, the sessions should be twice a week. Vitamin C through injection or Oral Vitamin C Supplements are not necessary for Glutathione injection but its recommended for faster skin lightening results. For faster results, avoid smoking, alcohol, stress and sun exposure and use other Magic Potions Skin Whitening Products.

Packing:  600mg x 10vials glutathione powder

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